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Patient Information

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Other Medical Problems:

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Previous Surgery:

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Family Medical History:

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Review of Symptoms:

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Chest pain palpitations heaviness on chest
shortness of breath blood in urine or stool or vomit diarrhea
constipation difficulty or pain urinating pain in calves when walking
slurred speech weakness on one side of body fever
sweats chills

* A surgeon will review this form and a preliminary evaluation will be made. You will then be contacted by phone, mail or email.

* If you are felt to possibly be a candidate for surgery, your complete medical history will be reviewed including:

- Operative reports of all previous operations
- Previous tests (include x-rays, CT scans, endoscopy reports, etc.)
- Recent laboratory results
- Any letters from your physicians
- A copy of the most recent complete history and physical prepared by a physician

It is a good idea to begin gathering these documents, and preparing to forward them to our office.
* For additional information or questions, call 570-821-1100.