Clark Gerhart MD FACS FASMBS

Clark Gerhart MD FACS FASMBS

Robotic General and Bariatric Surgeon

Clark Gerhart MD FACS FASMBS
Robotic General and Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Clark Gerhart is the Director of Minimally Invasive Surgery and Robotics at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital, Community Health Systems (CHS), in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania. He has been in practice since 1995 and performs a wide variety of General Surgery procedures including those involving the stomach, intestines, colon, gallbladder, thyroid and breast.

Specializing in:

  • Adhesion Surgery
  • Bariatric Surgery
  • Complex Hernia Surgery
  • Gastroparesis Surgery

Dr. Gerhart is a nationally recognized leader in Robotic General Surgery. He started performing robotic surgery in 2010 and has done thousands of robotic procedures and regularly performs robotic procedures, including:

  • Sleeve gastrectomy and Gastric bypass
  • Hiatal hernia repair and Nissen fundoplication
  • Small intestine and colon resection
  • Cholecystectomy
  • Ventral and incisional hernia repair
  • Inguinal hernia repair
  • Extensive adhesiolysis
  • and other abdominal procedures

He has a passion for teaching robotic techniques to other surgeons which began in 2012 with proctoring other surgeons for the maker of the robotic platform, Intuitive. In 2013 he was appointed an Intuitive Epicenter Surgeon and has become one of the Nation’s most prolific robotic general surgical instructors, training hundreds of surgeons from around the country through observations, proctoring, training courses and regularly speaking on robotic surgery.



Family is Dr. Gerhart’s number one past time. Happily married to his wife Kim, a professional counselor, since 1985 with four awesome kids and four amazing grandkids. The family loves taking trips together, hanging out most any day, and eating!

LCBC Church Hazleton Campus

Dr. Gerhart has also been Pastor Gerhart and he started a church with an awesome team that is now a campus of LCBC Church. Stop in and visit this dynamic non-denominational church and visit us on the web at

Medical Missions

Dr. Gerhart has participated in mission trips to India, China, Africa, and Haiti, as well as trips within the US such as hurricane Katrina or NYC 9/11.

Author and Editor of the book Outrageous Love

30 inspirational messages, free of religious verbiage and pretense, to help you grow stronger in your faith and experience more of God - not through religious activities - but by experiencing the life-changing, outrageous love of another kind, that God offers each of us.

Author of the Book Say Goodbye to Stubborn Sin

Dr. Gerhart published the book Say Goodbye to Stubborn Sin, that explores the connection between both physical and spiritual factors that motivate our destructive behaviors and how to conquer them.

Author of a Chapter in the textbook, Atlas of Robotic Surgery

The Atlas of Robotic Surgery draws on the expertise of surgeons worldwide who have mastered robotic technology and can share their pearls of wisdom. While most of the principles of open and minimally invasive surgery are the same, subtle variations make robotic surgery easier and safer. This atlas-style text includes color photos and drawings to illustrate the surgical instruction on robotic techniques for general surgery procedures.